Southatlantic - Games

On this site you will find several java applet games, together with the game engine that was used to create them.

Moreover check out JS Sprite, animated javascript sprites, based on Google Web Toolkit technology.

Southatlantic - Engine

The southatlantic-gamelibrary is an open source framework that enables easy creation of 2D java-games (applets or applications). By now the engine provides a 2d-tileengine with support of layers and animated tiles/objects, collisiondetection (based on boxes and lines), sound handling and the possibility to manage gamestates like menus or levels. southatlantic is still experimental (if you find a bug let me know), although the basic features should all work.


You can download the southatlantic-library here. It includes the .jar-file, the source files and the javadocs.


The southatlantic-library is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It allows you to use and modify the program for noncommercial purposes.